Building your app with an extended team


Building your app with an extended team

Getting Started

  1. Briefing with SoftwareSeni about the product you want to build

    We work with you to sketch out the development strategy for your app, web app or website.

  2. Decide on a tech stack based on your functional requirement

    A grid of the logos of tools used by SoftwareSeni including ReactJS, Node, FireBase, Shopify, Angular, Vite, NextJS, WordPress, MailChimp, WooCommerce and more.

  3. Start reviewing developers from our talent pool

    You start with a shortlist of talent that you can be sure have the skills and experience you need. You meet one-on-one for a video interview so you can get to know the candidates.

  4. Complete scoping and specification

    Wireframes and business rules are finalised. Feedback during the process ensures balance between budget, features and viability. Full project estimates are in place. You know exactly what needs to be built.

  5. Engage and onboard your chosen developers


Development begins

Weekly sessions with your SoftwareSeni product consultant and project manager keep the project advancing smoothly.

  1. Review product prototypes and give feedback

  2. Stay in the loop

    You get daily updates as well as weekly and monthly reconciliation reports so you always know how the project is tracking financially and towards your deadline.

  3. Developers integrate your product with the services your business relies on

    This includes payments, CRM, ERP, customer support, reporting, shipping, and more.

  4. Infrastructure is configured ahead of launch

    Web servers, database servers, load balancers, CDNs – all the  technical services you need are set up, tested, and placed under monitoring.

  5. Final rounds of QA are completed on staging servers

  6. Soft launch on production servers with a small cohort of beta users

    Another round of full QA is conducted to ensure there are no incompatibility issues in the live environment.


The first version of your product goes live. Your marketing campaign goes into action. You start signing up users.


The first version of your product goes live. Your marketing campaign goes into action. You start signing up users.

  • Our Support team keeps your product online

    Need 24/7 uptime? Our team can monitor and respond to any incidents as they occur. Traffic to your product grows and it begins to generate revenue for your business.

What’s next?

  • Your extended development team begins to work on the next round of features


  • The hard work is done so you scale down your team.

    Your smaller team continues to add features at a pace that matches your budget and incoming revenue.


  • Call a product freeze

    Release your extended development team, but retain a part-time developer familiar with your product to handle dependency updates, API changes, service provider issues, etc.


  • Expand your customer services team

    Just like your extended development team, use a team extension for customer service to handle the increased enquiries and interest following your successful product launch

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