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We are SoftwareSeni

We deploy highly skilled engineering staff to growing western organisations to support them to scale efficiently by augmenting their teams, enabling them to develop, test, maintain, and enhance high-performance web, mobile, and SaaS platforms that are crucial for their success.

The Journey

Purpose & History

Purpose & History

SoftwareSeni was founded in 2013 by David Anderson and Ryan O'Grady, driven by their challenges with Indonesian software development companies while running their own digital businesses in Sydney, Australia. Recognising Indonesia's untapped potential, they established their company in Yogyakarta, aiming to better meet the product and engineering demands of their Australian ventures.

Pivot to Servicing Western Clients

The company quickly evolved, spurred by its success in delivering quality services to its founding businesses. In 2015, SoftwareSeni began offering team extension services to an expanding professional network in Australia. This marked the beginning of a new growth phase, where the company extended its expertise to include product development, engineering, and quality assurance services for Australian and Western clients.

Expanding to Indonesian Customers

In 2018, SoftwareSeni broadened its horizons by venturing into providing services for the Indonesian market. Today, the company proudly serves a diverse array of clients in Indonesia, including prominent private and public enterprises, venture capital backed startups, and government departments.

Why Yogyakarta?

Yogyakarta, Indonesia's largest university city and home to the country’s top-tier universities, was chosen for its blend of quality of life, affordability, and a significant pool of talented graduates in engineering and technology. SoftwareSeni has since become a beacon of opportunity in the region, providing hundreds of university graduates with career paths and encouraging them to make Yogyakarta their home.

Outsourcing with Excellence

Central to SoftwareSeni's ethos is a distinctive approach to outsourcing. The company stands firmly against traditional outsourcing models, focusing instead on prioritising the welfare of its clients and staff. This includes upholding ethical practices, adhering to labor and tax laws, and fostering a safe, nurturing work environment. SoftwareSeni's commitment also extends to supporting families and the community.

With a wealth of industry experience, SoftwareSeni has observed various operational approaches in the outsourcing sector and is committed to elevating standards in client and staff relations, aiming to redefine excellence in the outsourcing industry.

Today, SoftwareSeni is a thriving company, boasting over 200 employees and contractors across four locations. It has maintained a consistent growth rate, fueled by the skillful Yogyakarta talent and a leadership team adept in Western business processes and standards.

Purpose and History
our plan

Values & Mission

Values & Mission

SoftwareSeni’s Vision is to revolutionise the outsourcing industry, setting new benchmarks in service delivery, customer interaction, and ethical business practices.

Value and Mission

Our Values


Integrity is our foundation. We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our business activities, ensuring a trust-based relationship with all stakeholders.


We believe in the power of collective dreams, daring, and collaboration. Our vision involves forging strong, transparent partnerships with co-workers, clients, and partners, fostering trust and long-term alliances for impactful results.


Central to our approach is a relentless pursuit of innovation. We are committed to continually challenging the status quo and excelling in all our creations, keeping innovation as our guiding principle.


Committed to excellence, we constantly seek to enhance our services and foster co-worker growth. We provide dynamic environments and tailored career paths, encouraging coworkers to realise their full potential.

Our Ethics

We are dedicated to delivering top-tier services and achieving the highest customer satisfaction. Our commitment extends to fostering a family-friendly, enjoyable workplace that promotes both personal and professional development. We support community welfare while adhering to a stringent Code of Ethics and Behavior. This commitment ensures compliance with labor and tax laws, provision of safe and healthy working conditions, and the promotion of diversity and ethical trading practices in our modern, well-equipped offices.

Our Ethics
Our Ethics

Social Impact: Investing in a Better Tomorrow

Beyond our commitment to our employees and clients, we at SoftwareSeni are deeply invested in creating a positive impact in the broader community. Our social responsibility initiatives underscore our dedication to building a brighter, more inclusive future.

Supporting 'Peduli Anak': We're proud partners of Peduli Anak, a commendable NGO dedicated to in Indonesia.

Our Ethics

Peduli Anak By investing in their mission, we strive to ensure every child has access to the opportunities and support they deserve. Through our collaboration, we hope to drive transformative change, one child at a time.

Our partnership with Peduli Anak is a testament to our belief in the power of collective action. Together, we're paving the way for a future where every child, irrespective of their background, can dream, achieve, and thrive.

When you work with SoftwareSeni, you're not just partnering with a forward-thinking business, but also contributing to a larger vision of community growth and well-being. Join us in making a difference.


Culture that extends beyond coding

Culture that extends beyond coding

Discover a glimpse into the vibrant culture of the SoftwareSeni team, both within our office walls and beyond, showcasing how we live and breathe our values every day.

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