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Mar 28, 2024

8 Reasons ReactJS is Perfect for Web-based Apps


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ReactJS is the perfect technology to build Web-based applications these days.

The excellent features in ReactJS enable the web-based applications providers to create the most modest-looking designs. 

Since its first launch back in 2013, ReactJS’s popular technology has been used by well-known companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb, American Express, Dropbox, eBay and hundreds of other web-based applications.

8 Reasons Why ReactJS

Let’s see why ReactJS is the latest attention grabber for most web-based application providers:

1. Easy to learn

Most developers need to learn the basics and understand the functions of this technology to fully maximize its capabilities. ReactJS is not a full-featured framework, but rather, an open-source Javascript GUI library concentrating on one specific target which aims to efficiently complete the task. ReactJS is the V in MVC (Model View Controller). Developers that have had their hands on Javascript will get the hang of ReactJS within days.

ReactJS also offers readily and easily accessible tutorials in the form of videos, tools, and blogs.

2. Easy to write components

ReactJS utilizes JSX, an extension of optional syntax for JavaScript. Writing components is much, much easier now with JSX because you can combine HTML and JavaScript together. This is made possible by not having overly complicated rules, also sources are easily obtained compared to other technologies.

3. Reusable components 

Components’ reusability is a definite advantage for any developers. ReactJS gives you the possibility to reuse components that were previously used to develop web-based applications of the same functions. This will save a lot of time and energy. The components you serve will be smooth and without defect. The biggest benefit that you will gain from this is the increased speed of the construction of the project; which, in turn, makes happy developers and clients. 

4. Possibility of creating isomorphic applications

Isomorphic applications or isomorphic javascript enables the use of the same code for client-side and server-side components from an application. This is one approach to develop applications with a quick-rendering system. This application will improve the index of the search engine and ultimately, refine the user experience.

5. Increased performance due to Virtual DOM

Updating Document Object Model (DOM) used to be the main concern in the construction of web-based applications. ReactJs solves this problem by having a Virtual DOM. ReactJS allows the possibility to build and host Virtual DOM in its memory. As the DOM won’t be periodically updated, the performance of running applications won’t be disrupted.

6. SEO- friendly

Most developers face Javascript frameworks that are not SEO-friendly. Most of the time, this is caused by applications that are built using JavaScript. ReactJS does it differently as it creates an accessible User Interface for various search engines.   

7. Readily-Available Developer Tools

ReactJS understands the needs of software engineers. ReactJs comes with features that can definitely receive a lot of brownie points from the developers. Developer tools that come with ReactJS are designed as an extension from devChrome. This allows for the possibility to pay closer attention to the hierarchy of reactive components and to check the status of the existing components.

8. ReactJS JavaScript Library

The reason why developers prefer ReactJS to other technologies is the JavaScript Library.  With this feature, developers are not limited by templates or patterns and they can overcome any complex architecture that becomes an obstacle in the project. ReactJS allows you to create highly-customizable apps that suit your needs. 

ReactJS does not only maximize speed, but also efficiency in building web-based apps. 

As a quality-driven software house, SoftwareSeni puts responsive and user-friendly applications as the top priority. Clients that are after excellent stability, remarkable speed, and top-notch performance in their web-based apps, we cannot be more glad to recommend the masterpiece that is ReactJS.


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