Sophistication Out the Front, Complicated Logistics Out the Back

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SnowGoose is a leading provider of Fresh Produce gift boxes, delivered from their warehouses throughout Australia.

What We Do

Project Description

SnowGoose is a leading provider of Fresh Produce gift boxes laden with the very best local produce and edibles along with top shelf treats.

SoftwareSeni started with Snowgooses’ vision to upgrade the online shopping experience to meet the unique needs of their gift-giving customers. The vision belonged to the Fresh Venture team, and it was for a high quality service that provided customers with a rich selection of products to explore within a low-friction interface that would make completing orders as easy as possible.

Working closely with the Fresh Venture team, we took them through our iterative UX design and prototyping process. The short loop duration with regular client feedback and testing resulted in a successful implementation of their initial vision.

The front end was clean and provided powerful search functionality, while the back end implemented the complex delivery rules fresh produce requires, as well as the logistics necessary for the high volume and tight timeframes of corporate holiday gift periods. is a smooth user experience that you would never guess hides such a complex system. Built by SoftwareSeni's talented designers and developers.

The Integration

Technology Used

  • Laravel
  • ElasticSearch
  • SASS
  • AWS

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