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SoftwareSeni has been designing and building apps, web apps, and websites with startups and businesses that think like startups since 2013.

Our team of over 210+ developers and designers are experts in app development for iOS apps and Android apps, website development, ecommerce website development, and as members of team extensions to help you advance your own projects inhouse.

What nearly a decade of online business development has taught us

Building a new business online is hard. Moving a brick-and-mortar business online is hard. Upgrading your online presence is hard. All of these tasks are hard because the two major disciplines that they rely on – software and marketing – are both supremely difficult.

In both software and marketing you are facing unknowns. For software, it’s the unknowns that come with building a new product with your unique business case and business rules. For marketing, the unknowns are in building a brand that captures the customer imagination in a competitive marketplace. 

Each discipline has established practices to reduce the risk of unknowns derailing your plans. Software has prototyping and iterative development. Marketing has focus groups, A/B testing, and surveys. 

They’re all strategies that help you make the best decisions you can. They are how we enrich the information you have available to support your decisions so you make the best decisions.

 Follow LEAN business practices and keep asking questions

At the business level we pursue these same strategies by following LEAN business practices. LEAN is all about moving your business forward from a position of knowledge. That knowledge comes from asking questions – questions about your market, questions about your customers, questions about your product – and carefully choosing the best way to answer those questions so when you act it carries you in the right direction.

That best way to answer questions might be user testing, financial modelling, or launching a Minimally Viable Product to confirm you have a product people will pay for.

It’s a pragmatic way to navigate the difficult path to launching a successful digital product, whether it’s an app, a website or an ecommerce store. 

You can never completely avoid risk, but LEAN, coupled with the Agile software development methodology, is one of the best frameworks for minimising risk. And what is success besides the risk of failure minimised as much as possible?

Does this philosophy match your vision?

If you like this vision of building a business around an online product, then you should talk to us about working together to achieve your business goals.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses find success with apps, websites, and ecommerce. That depth of experience (we’ve seen it all) is available to help you refine your plans and avoid months of trial and error, wrong paths, and other costly mistakes. 

We’re all about making the best decisions for your business, using the right tools for the job, and building world class products that generate profitable revenue streams. That’s why we’re still collecting positive testimonials nearly a decade after we started.

If you have questions, the quickest way to get answers is to get in contact with us using the form on this page

If you want more information to support your decision, we have an easy-to-read series on product development that starts with this article on product conception.

We also have an introduction to the basics of Agile, the software development methodology that you’ve probably heard about. 

And, getting deeper into the business fundamentals of building software, we have an article on fixed price contracts vs Agile development, and one on how much it actually costs to build an app or web site. And if you’re not sure which of those you should be building, we also have an article that may help you decide if you should build an app or a web site.



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