Client : FlexiPeople
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FlexiPeople Workspace is a customer service application which provides an advanced functionality for companies of any size to build better customer relationships. FlexiPeople Workspace offers a wide range of customer and staff tools with features designed to fully support the professional handling of customer enquiries by email and phone, including voice mail, while keeping records of all communication for each individual ticket. Staff from all departments whether on-site or remote work within a single ‘workspace’ allowing ease of communication and assigning of tickets between team members to deliver solutions to your customers, with an internal system that monitors the efficiency of staff, including the tracking and scheduling of work hours and rosters. FlexiPeople Workspace also enables the creation of a help desk that includes valuable information, such as answers to the most frequently asked questions saving your staff resource time.
Mobile app based on react js framework, connected through backend API and support the latest iPhone X notch.