Woocommerce vs BigCommerce vs Shopify?


Woocommerce vs BigCommerce vs Shopify?

February 2, 2018


The Evolution Of eCommerce

Evolution start with needs that are not being met. Like this:
  • My ecommerce solution doesn’t provide me with powerful enough CMS functionality,
  • I have too many systems to manage and maintain,
  • I need more agile and timely in adapting to changes in the market and responding to the changing behavior of my customers,
  • Technology is way too complex,
  • I need ecommerce functionality that is more modular,
  • And many more.

Looking to the Future: WooCommerce shopping cart

The reason is WooCommerce is the world’s fastest growing shopping cart because:
  • Stable & Bugless,
  • Provide new features,
  • Fix reported bugs,
  • Improve cart usability,
  • Well suported.

So how WooCommerce shopping cart compare to BigCommerce and Shopify?

To compare, you can check on review:
  • Overall score,
  • User satisfaction level,


The assessment of comparison will help you see the pros and cons of each service, and make up your mind on which one suits you requirements better.  

Woocommerce vs BigCommerce vs Shopify?

Known as free online shopping tool, Woocommerce emergence in the market contributes to the development of Woocommerce developer. There are many people interested with hiring them to bring new changes to their Woocommerce. Yet, first of all, let us step back for a bit with the evolution of eCommerce that creates a new thingy in eCommerce sphere named Woocommerce.  

The Evolution of eCommerce

Before people became aware of Woocommerce, Woocommerce developer, Shopify, BigCommerce… they were asking about eCommerce first. eCommerce was introduced into the market around 1979 by entrepreneur Michael Aldrich and now, there are many types of eCommerces available to the public. Let’s take a peek the eCommerce that we have mentioned earlier!  


For the people who often use WordPress for any purposes, this plugin and WooCommerce developer are not unusual technical term for them. In fact, WooCommerce is known as one of the popular eCommerce that comes with many advantages. Started with its stability and its nearly complete feature, this plugin reinforces its quality by providing new aspects. For example, you can easily adjust built-in payment processing from leading providers such as Paypal and Stripe or you provide the customer the shipping options that can help them choose the best delivery system for their goods.   Next thing, Woocommerce continually improve the cart usability that can be regarded as one of the main feature of WooCommerce. You can name many things that are being built to shape the plugin into a better one, such as Cart Notices, WooCommerce Social Login, Currency Converter Widget, and many more. This WordPress plugin certainly knows how to indulge your needs in selling your things in online market.  

 Big Commerce

Next thing is BigCommerce. This is one of the leading eCommerce that provides another solution for the entrepreneurs in online market. Similar with WooCommerce, this eCommerce provides you with many options for customization. Whether you have B2B selling, small business, or enterprise, this platform can deliver any needs that you want to build your wire-to-wire business. Designing everything and shaping your own shop to attract more customers are trivial things for them as BigCommerce offers you the deals that assist you with tools, outline, and functionalities. There are some examples that can be done and some of them are integrating your shopping web with shipping tools prepared by BigCommerce such as ShipperHQ or ShipStation or create a new functionality or integration in your own web store to improve the efficiency and attractiveness.  


Coming into the industry, Shopify is another expert in online business. This eCommerce can be used in many OS such Windows, Android, web-based, iPhone/iPad, and Mac and it becomes the strength to maximize the experience of the users in maintaining online business. Also, Shopify comes with cheap price which comes with plenty available support (phone, ticket, and live support). This is certainly regarded as the hardest rival among the eCommerce because its advantages. You can also try Shopify without spend any bucks because there is free 14-day trial to try this eCommerce and see whether or not it fits the frame. There is also a collection of feature that enhance the productivity and maintain the charm of your web store such as customizing your own gift card, enable two-step authentication for the store, or scheduling a post to sell a new stuff on your web store which will come in handy for you to arrange the published product.   From those three eCommerce, isn’t wonderful that we have many tools that give us assistance in building online business? Also, there are supported developers that help us realizing our dream shop such WooCommerce developer, Shopify developer, or BigCommerce developer.   And now, what you need to do is making your mind about the best platform to build your own store in online market. Make sure that you have everything arranged in your hand, so your web store can hit the market right in the eye!